Hollye Dexter

Mom. Author. Singer. Activist.

COMING SOON: Leaving Her, A Novel
Though Theresa D’Agostino leads what others might consider an enviable life, inside she is unraveling, and feels trapped by what she sees as unsolvable problems. She struggles with depression from an abusive childhood, married a man who doesn’t love her, and has a teenaged daughter, Veronika, who resents her. In addition, she finds herself faced with a life-altering decision which, no matter how she chooses, can only make things worse.
When a national tragedy occurs, an opportunity presents itself, allowing Theresa to disappear from her troubled life. She flees the country, leaving behind her husband and daughter, and stumbles into a small town in Canada where she reinvents herself. In that small town, living a small life, she soon learns that she can’t outrun her past, or the things that haunt her in the quiet, still moments. She has no choice but to face the truth of her life and the fallout from her decisions. The story is told from both Theresa’s point of view, and the teenage daughter she left behind, exploring the complicated mother-daughter dance, and the ways we push each other away when all we really want is to love each other. Leaving Her is a story of loss, hope and renewal, and the unexpected relationships that arise in the ashes of disaster.